Macaroni and cheese recipe

This is one of the easiest and most satisfying dishes you can make. Like Stone Soup, this version is made with found cheese scraps, as many or as few as you have. Begin with Bechamel It is the basis for a lot of recipes including biscuits and gravy and shit on a shingle. I wrapContinue reading “Macaroni and cheese recipe”

Bulgarian Shopsa Salad Recipe

When you can get or grow great tomatoes this summer salad is a must. When visiting Bulgaria I had it at least once a day. A video shows you my preparation but the salad is simplicity in itself. Roughly equal parts Orange or yellow pepper Fresh ripe tomatoes Cucumbers (remove seeds, keep peel) Sweet redContinue reading “Bulgarian Shopsa Salad Recipe”

Chicken Marinade Recipe

This marinade tenderizes and imparts a subtle flavor to chicken and once it has sat for 24 hours in the mix…it can be Roast, baked, grilled, fried, smoked. In each and every case it comes out moist and delicious. Mix in equal parts Hot sauce (any type or heat level you prefer, avoid Siracha asContinue reading “Chicken Marinade Recipe”

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