Chef Karl Wilder

I like to say I was a chef from birth but to be honest in my early years I tended towards toasted cheese and scrambled eggs as my culinary accomplishments. As time wore on I experimented more, and added more and more to my repatoire until formal training gave me the skills to put it all to good use.

Talking heads and tv chefs often are not skilled in the art of recipe development. I will never say for whom I have worked but recently I was talking to a friend in the UK about his favorite slow cooked lamb shoulder and I had to fess up that I had written that recipe.

The goal of this website and the reason I list so many options is that I want you to have confidence in the kitchen. Learn what tastes great with what and feel free to experiment.

I came into the public consciousness with a project I am very proud of. It gave me the moniker the food stamp chef. I will share some links for those who care to read more about this. SF Weekly article , Huffington Post , Food and Thoughts and while this blog is party defunct those who want to read some of the real time notes and recipes can do so here.

I went to Washington and managed to meet with many politicians and even served on an occasional committee, and they simply do not care, not on either side of the aisle.

I gave up the US for the EU, yet I never stopped caring about those left behind. Thus my open offer to work with any food bank that needs an assist in fundraising.

This site began from a suggestion from a neighbor who was worried about the young people who had no clue how to cook and during their home time were buying to much Ramen as cooking even rice seemed to challenging. The focus is on vegetables, not because I am a declared vegetarian but because in the EU quality meat is expensive. Like most of you my circumstances have been reduced. As I eat my way through the freezer if I find meat, I will eat it and write about it. In the US meat is a factory farmed commodity and often cheaper than vegetables. Thus the option to add in meat is given with most.

It is my hope that we can all take advantage of the times we are living in and slow down, cook a meal and if you are alone share it with someone you love, yourself.

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